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Our process to join our Lodge...

The member speaks with the Secretary and registers their friends interest. The secretary makes initial contact with interested gentleman from the online contact.

Talk to a member you know. Register interest via an online form


The gentleman and his partner, along with the lodge members, can utilise this occasion to assess our dynamics and how well we engage with one another.

This event on the calendar presents an opportunity for the gentleman, his partner, and the members of the lodge to gauge our interactions and progress.


The application form and our preliminary form of candidature for initiation are sent directly to the member or gentleman.

To begin your journey as a candidate, you will need to complete the application and preliminary forms.

These forms should be filled out by you and returned to the secretary for further processing. As part of the preliminary form, you will be required to provide two  masonic referees.

It's important to note that your proposer or seconder cannot serve as referees. To assist you in finding suitable referees, we cordially invite you to attend our social events where you can meet potential referees and establish connections.
Once the preliminary form is fully completed, both you and your friend (the proposer) will need to sign it. Once signed, please return both forms to the secretary, who will handle the necessary steps from there.
Upon receiving the completed forms, we will reach out to the two referees you have provided to request their references. Once we have received satisfactory references from both referees, we will extend a formal invitation to you for an interview, which will serve as the next stage of the process.


Formal interview and home visit (if appropriate)

We would be pleased to extend a formal invitation for you to join our esteemed lodge. Furthermore, we will also set a specific date for your initiation ceremony, where you will officially become a member.

We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and personal environment for our interactions, which is why we organise home visits. This visit serves as an opportunity for us to meet you and your partner in the familiar surroundings of your own home. Our primary objective during the visit is to provide a platform where you can freely express any further questions or concerns you may have, whether they relate to joining our Fraternity or any other general inquiries you might have.
By engaging in this face-to-face interaction, we can establish a deeper connection and address any specific aspects that are important to you both. This personal exchange allows us to mutually evaluate whether all parties involved are ready to progress to the next stage of our process, ensuring that we proceed with confidence and a shared understanding.

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