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Universities Scheme...

The enduring bond between Freemasonry and universities is characterised by tradition and continuity.


Dating back almost two centuries, the establishment of the Apollo University Lodge at Oxford and Isaac Newton University Lodge at Cambridge marked the inception of this relationship.


These lodges have served as gateways for countless young men to discover Freemasonry and have been instrumental in inspiring the creation of the Universities Scheme.

Initiated at the start of 2005, the Universities Scheme aims to enhance opportunities for university members, including undergraduates and postgraduates, to partake in Freemasonry.


Today, this initiative has expanded to include over 55 other lodges, each with its own unique path. Membership spans a wide age range, from 18-year-old undergraduates to senior university members and alumni.

In a concerted effort to make Freemasonry accessible to a broader audience, Grand Lodge recently made the decision to reduce dues by half for all members under the age of 25. This inclusive approach reflects the desire to embrace and engage a diverse range of individuals.

Guiding the Universities Scheme is Assistant Grand Master Sir David Wootton, who emphasises the enriching experiences and sense of fulfilment that undergraduate and postgraduate students have derived from Freemasonry through the long-standing university lodges.


By extending the reach of the Universities Scheme, it is hoped that university members from across the country will be able to cultivate similar inspiration, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

If you are intrigued by the possibility of joining Freemasonry through the Universities Scheme, we encourage you to reach out to us directly or visit the dedicated Universities Scheme website for further information.

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